About Samone J

Meet the Author


Samone J is a mother of two who lives in Jacksonville, FL. She first discovered her love for writing when she was a young girl, sitting on the couch in the living room writing in her journals. She would allow people to read them and the positive feedback gave her motivation to continue. 
Continuing on with writing, she filled up four journals in high school. Soon after finishing, she began to look into publishing. At this time she was the mother of her oldest son (Tavion) and that took most of her time, so writing took a back seat for a while. She went to school, started working and taking care of her son. In 2013 she birthed her youngest (Darryl) and was married in 2014.
With life going the way it was, she barley had time to put into her books. She tried new experiences like starting businesses but nothing ever kept her from writing. She began writing Soul Tie in 2015. Along with being a mother, a wife and exploring business ventures, she didn't write for three years. Her marriage soon began to fail and she was divorced in 2018. Because if the lesson she learned, this was the beginning of her learning who she was and her purpose. She began to write about the very thing that she had experienced and what pushed her into a marriage she wasn't meant to be in: Soul Ties. She finished her book in 2018 and published it for it to release and make an impact on so many people. She is now the author of three books and more soon to come. She is a Christian author and loves telling stories that have meaning but are entertaining an d impact the world.