Do We Really Love God?

I ask this question as it pertains to relationships. 1 Peter 4:8 tells us that love covers a multitude of sins, John 14:15 says if you love me, you’ll keep my commands. One could argue these scriptures against each other, but I think it safe really understand the difference.

It’s unrealistic for us to try to be perfect because we are not. We were all born into sin and fall short of the glory of God. But should we really continue to use that as an excuse to keep sinning? Of course, we will mess up and miss the mark, but once we have done so, is it not right to do a self-examination and say, how can I turn away from this and keep myself from falling into this same trap?

So yes, when we fall, God’s love and grace will cover us. He loves us so much that he refuses to let sin keep us from him. But shouldn’t we love him back enough to not continue in our sin? We don’t try to live right before God to earn his love or goodness, but it would be best to live right because of he loves us and is good to us.

God loves us to the point to where he said, when we mess up, he will cover it. But then he also said, we should love him back enough to keep his commands. So, let’s say you have a pattern in a relationship. It can be anything, gossiping about your spouse, cussing your spouse out, cheating, having sex outside of marriage. God doesn’t write us off when we do these things because he just wants to clean us up. But at some point, our love for him should kick in BECAUSE of his love for us.

We should at some point want to live right before God in our relationships because if we love him, we’ll do what he says. Our sins are covered in grace, but we won’t be able to keep sinning and getting slaps on the wrist. God means what he says in his word, weather its blessing or judgement. So, when we sin and don’t begin to create boundaries to not fall back into that sin over and over, we have to question ourselves: Do we really love God?

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