Follow the Presence

This week I wanted to write on Joshua 3. I know for me; I can be a little impatient. I’m learning and getting better, but there are times when it can be more difficult. But something I’ve learned and this chapter has taught me is to be aware of God’s presence and where it is leading me. God may not always speak to us in words or people or however he usually speaks. Sometimes he speaks through his presence. Like when the Israelites had to follow the cloud. If it lifted and moved, they had to move with it.

I want to first shed light on something in the beginning of this chapter which was verses 1-2. It says, they came to the Jordan River and stayed there for 3 days. If you are familiar with this story, the Jordan River was what they had to cross to get to the Promised Land. Have you ever been so close to something you wanted and walked into it too fast? God has a timing for everything. There are instructions attached to what he tells us to do. So, for me, this showed me that, I have to be patient and wait. Waiting allows time for God to speak and for me to hear to know exactly what to do.

Right as they are about to cross the Jordan River, Joshua gives the instruction to move after they have seen the ark of the Covenant. This represented the presence of God. This ark had to go before them so they knew where to go since they had never gone this way. This speaks to me because there have been so many times that I have moves ahead of God in my journey. I did this with having children, getting married, trying to pursue my dreams and probably more than I can count. But this has taught me that I can’t do life on my own. I don’t know what I’m doing and I need God’s help and guidance. So, following his presence is my best bet.

So maybe you can relate to this. If so, think about the times you may have moved ahead of God. Think about the place you may be going to that is completely unfamiliar. The only way to can get there the right way and on time, is to follow the presence of God.

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