I don't Have Time

I was wondering one day, with all the issues we have with relationships, how much could change if we put more time into our relationship with God. Especially in relationships that don’t honor God, the same time we put into trying make that relationship work, it would be much more beneficial to put that time into our relationship with God.

You may feel like your relationship will fail, but if it is really from God, he will sustain it. He will teach you how to handle it. God will help you to have humility and integrity in the relationship. So many people are sacrificing time in relationships that they are trying to build without God, when we can put that time into our relationship with Him. We don’t have time to waste on relationships God has not called us to. We don’t have time to nurture a relationship that takes from us, and stresses us.

Some people wonder how I am so bold about my relationship with God. They wonder where a lot of the things I say come from. But if some of you only knew, the amount of time I put into my relationship with God. Sometimes, it’s not always a lot, but I try to make a daily habit to put time into him. It may not seem like a lot all the time, but it is a constant effort. By nurturing that relationship, all of my other relationships are sustained and I learn daily how to cultivate them.

Your time with God is more important than anything and anyone else in this world. Even if you are in a God ordained union, if it is failing, you may need to put more time into God so that He can speak to you. If it is not God ordained, you need to spend time with God so that he can give you the strength to walk away. I believe so many heartbreaks will be saved if we put our time in the hands of the one who stands outside of time. The God who can restore time.

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