I Don't Have Time Part 2

Within the last couple months, I have had to take inventory of my life. I have had to sit still and my faith in God has been tested. My willingness to be obedient has been tested. But my relationship with God and my ability to hear him has gotten stronger.

For so many years of my life, I’ve studied, I’ve prayed, I’ve heard God speak but there was still always something missing. I’ve always heard people say, “God is always speaking.” But there have been times when I have thought that can’t be true, because I don’t hear it. But once I got in a place where I could be alone with God, I began to experience the different ways God speaks.

For so long, I knew the different ways God speaks, but I only experienced a couple of them. But then I realized, if I wasn’t spending the time, I needed with him, it would be impossible for me experience those other ways. You know how it is being in a relationship. Not many people want to be with someone who doesn’t spend time with them. Sometimes you have people who work too much, in turn the other person starts to feel neglected. They feel they are not getting enough attention. Someone likes to party and hang with their friends so much the other person is pushed to the side. Or maybe two people always vowed to share everything with one another but one always seeks advice from everyone else before going to their significant other.

If any of these thins every happened to you, you can probably imagine how God feels to be treated this way. He wants us to spend time with him. Because just like in a natural relationship, spending time together will cause you to be more in tune with him. That is something that has happened to me. Spending time with God has caused me to become more in tune with him and fall more in love with him. It’s an amazing feeling. My time never feels wasted because I decided that I don’t have time to ignore God, or to not spend time with him. Because of that, we are stronger together.

So, spending time with God to develop a relationship with him is vital. Just like your loved ones feel neglected, God may feel neglected as well. Or maybe you feel neglected by God. This may be because you do not have to time for the extra stuff. Sometimes it seems we don’t have time for God, but the truth is, we don’t have time for everything else. It is becoming in tune with Him that allows us to reach the life he has called us to. Spend time with God today.

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