Keep Moving Forward

Times have been hard. For a lot of people. Maybe everything in your life hasn’t gone completely wrong, but there is an area that you just need God to breathe on. I get it, we all have that. I have it too and it is hard to not fall into a place of complacency or depression. What I find helps me to somewhat avoid that is finding encouragement and promise in God’s word.

When I read Deuteronomy 2:7, it forced me to reflect on how good God truly has been to me. A lot of times I feel I have constantly been in a season of transition that I did not particularly choose for myself. You know that place where you are in a rough time but moving closer to the better time, however, it seems time stopped before you could get there.

Being here can make you feel like you haven’t done enough or you’re doing the wrong thing. It has even made me question those around me. Are these people really for me or do they just need someone gossip about? Do I really have friends or am I just entertaining to be around? Or maybe some just see me as a project. Something that needs help growing because I’m not in the place they think I should be. Some people are a lot like Job's wife and friends. Everything around him was falling apart and because it didn't make sense to them what God was doing, his wife told him to curse God and die, and his friends tried to make him think he had done something wrong. In seasons of transition, it can be the most difficult thing to find people who will stand with you on what God has said and wait for the promise he gives in 1 Peter 5:10; the God of all grace who called you to this eternal glory in Christ will himself restore, establish, strengthen and support you after you have suffered a little while. They may not say 'curse God and die,' but they encourage you to move away from what He told you, to do something that makes more sense to them. In those seasons, it feels as if you are walking alone.

But this scripture reminded me that God has not forgotten about me, he hasn’t left me or called me to this transition and pushed me off to the side because he got tired of me. God has blessed me in everything I have done. Sometimes in our eyes, it’s hard to see this because we are looking at a certain scale. We are looking at how many people know us or give us attention. We are looking at how many people liked our post or how much money we have. We look at the things we have, if they are nice or not. And if the answer is no, then we must be blessed in what we have don’t. But when I think about the last few years of my life, I can see that that statement is true. Even if I never ran a company, or millions of people didn’t read my book. The jobs I’ve had helped me take care of my children and paid me decently. I even had opportunities to pour into others. And even if one person read my book and it helped them see God and his word in a differently, what I did was blessed.

God has watched your steps through this great wilderness. The “Wilderness” is tough to walk through. But if you have ever read Exodus through Numbers, you would know just how much God watches our steps. Sometimes it seems like we are wondering, but even then, God knows where we’re going. He is causing us to wander, for whatever reason that may be. But He knows the right time to say, you have been around this mountain long enough, it’s time to move forward. He did that for the Israelites so many times. I know he’ll do it for me and you.

The Lord has been with you and you have lacked nothing. This is probably my favorite part of that scripture. It gets so easy for me to complain. It’s still something I’m working on, but its really hard. Especially when you’re someone who speaks their mind. I often think or complain about what I don’t have and what’s not happening. But if I sit and think about it, I really have lacked nothing. I have everything I need at all times; my children are taken care of and God does not hold back from speaking to me and confirming things.

What a good reminder this is. It really set my mind in a place where I just had to let go and give God control. When I read this scripture, I was praying about something I needed and had decided that if I didn’t get it I would be ok. This is what rest is. Knowing all these things and then letting God take control no matter what he decides to do.

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