Kick the Walls DOWN!!

Ok, well maybe you don’t have to actually kick the wall, because that’s God’s job. He is just asking for your participation and your partnership in what He is doing. I didn’t know how I would start this vlog, but let me tell you: I got up to read my bible this morning, not knowing that God would give me confirmation through the notes I had for this blog. I believe He wants me to talk about obedience.

I sat and read in Deuteronomy chapter 15 this morning, and for some reason, verse 5-6 stuck with me. It says, ‘There will be no poor among you, however, because the Lord is certain to bless you in the land the Lord your God is giving you to possess as an inheritance- if only you obey the Lord your God and are careful to follow every one of these commands, I am giving you today.’ This had me thinking that I don’t have to live a hard life, or I don’t have to live in poverty. Yes, there will be some pruning, but if I do what God tells me to do, I will have the blessings assigned to me. God puts instruction in place to lead me to prosperity.

That leads me to Joshua chapter 6. This is where Israel is ready. They have been prepared and they are consecrated and have crossed the Jordan River. It is time to take the Land God has promised. It’s no coincidence that the first land they take is what will be the hardest one. This is because Jericho is a fortified city. Very protected and strong. Because of this, Israel was not able to do this without God. They needed Him. So, they needed his instruction. Now, the instruction given was not normal or what they thought it should be.

“Lord, don’t you think we need more weapons? Should we gather as many strong men that we can? Don’t we need those ropes to pull the walls down?”

“Nope. Give trumpets to the priests and tell them walk in front of the ark. Just walk around the walls one time, in silence, for six days. Then on the seventh day, walk around the walls seven times and blow the trumpets. Then a seventh time, shout in praise and blow the trumpets as loud as you can.”

*Confused Looks: “O-OK God.” *Scratching their heads.

Nevertheless, they did what God told them to do. Even though what they were doing seemed foolish or didn’t feel right, they OBEYED what God told them to do. This should be our stance. It can be difficult sometimes, but I want my desire to always be obedience to God. What we don’t understand is the first step to taking the Promised Land will always be the hardest step. No matter what it is. There are walls surrounding you promise and they have to be broken down. But to get them down, there needs to be instruction from God and obedience on our part. God never calls us to something without the instructions and victory to conquer it. All I need is to obey.

God gave Israel something to do so that they could work in partnership with Him. He was doing something through them and they had to go along with it to be used. It took courage and endurance for Israel to complete this as they were open to attack and they had to persist in doing something that didn’t make much sense. But there still needed to be obedience to receive the promise. This broke me for a moment because all I can think is, God doesn’t give instruction or rules to make my life miserable. He does it so that I will be prosperous. He knows what’s ahead, so he tells me what to do so that I don’t drown. Yes, there will be hard times, there will be mistakes, there will be suffering but with obedience, there will be blessing and prosperity.

So, you know, in the end Israel is obedient to God and the walls come down and they conquer the hardest land they had to take. Even though there are still other fights to have, the biggest one is done and they can move forward in faith knowing that God fulfilled what He promised. It’s the same with us. If we will operate in obedience, even when it doesn’t make sense or the first step is the hardest, we will live prosperous lives in the end.

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