Singleness Is A Gift

I remember as a teenager, I always wanted to be in a relationship. I always wanted a boyfriend who I could spend time with and be around. I remember just always wanting to feel loved by a Male companion wanted the movie type relationship. Romantic and sappy. Because of this, I barely had moments where I was single. I barely had moment where I took time to just concentrate on God. I never took time to study Gods word on what it takes to be a successful single person. This led to sex before marriage, I picked relationships that were no good for me. I got into relationships just for the fun of having someone around. I got into a marriage that was completely unequally yoked and out of the will of God. When I became single again, (or even before), I realized that being single is a gift.

God made singleness for a reason. There is no way for you to be whole if you don’t give yourself a chance to be whole. You can’t be in a relationship just to have someone to complete you. Whatever relationship we enter should give God glory. Whether it is a friendship or intimate relationship, it has to give glory to God.

Even Adam was single before Jesus brought him Eve. But while he was single, Jesus gave him assignments and purpose. The same thing he gives us. There is nothing wrong with wanting a relationship, but spend time getting to know who you are in God. That is something I am learning as well. The best time to find out who you are in God and what purpose he wants you to fulfill is in your time of singleness.

Since I've been single, I have been really content with just learning my identity, getting to know God on a deeper level and just learning what I want in a man. It has been an awesome experience so far. So many times, in life we jump in and out of relationships and we don’t know why each one of them keep failing. Could it be maybe because you haven't taken time to get to know what you really want and heard clearly from God about it?

So embrace your singleness, maximize it to the fullness. Spend time in God’s word, allowing him to shape and mold you. I guarantee you, your whole perspective about the type of man you want will change. Get active in ministry, take extra hours on your job, travel, start your business, workout, FULFILL YOUR PURPOSE. Be happily single and whole. Be a Woman Of Power!

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