Step One: Taking Inventory

We all want to enter that place. You know the place I’m talking about. The place where everything is happening for us. Things may not be perfect, but our lives are flourishing. The place where we can touch something and right before our eyes it turns straight into gold. In this place all good things are flowing and even when something bad happens, it’s not all bad because you have supernatural grace to overcome it easily. For the Israelites, that place was the Promised Land. However, the book Numbers helps us to understand one thing; that the Promised Land will be a battle. So, let’s take the steps week by week to what God may be trying to tells us to do before we get to this place.

I was so glad when God revealed this me because for a while, I just kept wondering, God what am I doing wrong. I don’t need to be famous or rich but when is my growth going to continue? Why do I feel so stagnant? But I came to understand there are things, mundane things that are to be done from season to season. Things that prepare us for the place we are going to.

The first step Numbers discusses is taking inventory. If you read it, or have read it, God tells Moses to take inventory of all the men in Israel who can fight in an army. This was strategic to find the best men who would forth in battle to fight for the Land he promised. (Although it would already belong to them). Anyway, moving on.

This was the first step in taking the Promised Land- a census to see where Israel was where they had to get to. By this time, they have spent a year training and being tested and receiving the law they needed when they entered. Now, God was telling them it would be a battle and so they had to prepare. God instructed Moses to make the count by their families because the strength of Israel was determined by looking at the strength of individual families.

Enduring word: Counting or taking inventory is an essential step in organization and moving forward.

Israel had to be organized to move forward. One; because God is an organized God. Duh! And two; well, because have you ever tried to do something without organizing yourself first? Sometimes it doesn’t work so well.

So, the question is this; Do you ever wonder why you are not moving forward in your life? Have you ever been pushing and pushing and the needle just isn’t moving? You don’t even feel like God is speaking, even though you continuously ask for guidance. Maybe He wants us to take this first step. It can’t be a bad idea. It is essential to take inventory of where we are in you lives.

Maybe you don’t have to count everything, because just like the Levites, there are some special cases. But what does it look like for you to take inventory? Where are you? Where are you going? And what does it take to get there? I had to pray about this and I suggest you do the same. God will not move us forward while our lives are full of clutter. For one thing, taking the Promised Land will not be an easy feat. We have to be organized or there will be things that will come our way that will surprise us and throw us off, knocking us back several steps.

So, let’s take time this month and take inventory of your life. We well talk about the next step next week.

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