Step Two: Getting Centered

Last week, I wrote from the book of Numbers chapter One, informing you of the first step it tells to do in order to prepare for the Promised Land. That step was to take inventory. The Israelites had to count every man that was able to fight in the army they were building to take the land. It’s the first step to organizing. Maybe you have tried to organize your closet, or a cabinet. If its messy, it’s a little impossible to really see all that you have and what you want to keep or throw away. The only way is to take everything out and take a look at it one by one. Then what do you do next? You start to group things and start to make the space to position what you are keeping. Well, that is the same thing the Israelites had to do.

In Numbers Chapter 2, they now know how many men they have to fight in the army. Now, they have to order themselves to get in position. But this was not just any position. You know how when you organized your closet or your cabinet you have a specific place you wanted everything to go? That’s what God told Moses to do here. First, they selected leaders who were recognized by God and the people in their tribe. Then each tribe had a position either on the North, East, South, or West. They all strategically lined up in a square like position, and in the center was the tabernacle. Now, if you are unaware, the tabernacle was what they built to be able to sacrifice to God and get forgiveness of their sins. This tabernacle represented the presence of God. The Israelites were instructed to position themselves in such a way that the center of all the tribes was the presence of God.

So, let’s look at our own lives. We are trying to get to the place God promised us. We’ve taken inventory, and now it’s time to get centered. So, everything you have taken note of, everything God may have pointed out to you, line it up with what he says. This is our moment to position ourselves in such a way where our center is God and his presence. With the clutter of the world, media, our jobs, our ambitions and even our family, it’s hard to really center and focus on God. But now that we know where we are and what we have, we can strategically position ourselves to make Him the center and focus.

Check out these observations from Enduring Word commentary:

1. God is a God of order. Before Israel can take the Promised land, he requires them to order themselves also.

2. God orders things according to his wisdom, not ours.

- Our resistance to God’s order and organization is almost always the product of simple selfishness wanting to do things our own way, instead of the Lord’s.

3. Everything was positioned in relation to the presence of God, the tabernacle.

- God is to be our focus, not other people.

4. The tribes of Israel camped around four banners, which were said to be a lion, a man, a calf, and an eagle. We find the same four creatures in surrounding the throne in Revelation.

- God’s order is not arbitrary, or just made up. It’s after his heavenly pattern.

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