The Promise Land Chronicles- A Leader is Born | Prepared for the Promise Land

Before we jump into this series, I want to tell you a little bit about Joshua, since we will be spending time talking about him. As most may know, Joshua was the one who took over as the leader of the nation of Israel after Moses passed away. He played in the background for years until it was time for him to be called forth.

We first see Joshua in Exodus chapter 17:8-16 when he was sent to fight against the Amalekites. This is one of the infamous stories told in church about how important it is to have good friends around you. Often it seems like Joshua is left out of the picture. One article says he is known as one of the greatest generals in human history. Can I say that Joshua was prepared to be a leader?

In Exodus 17 he is doing the very thing that he would have to do when they would actually conquer the Promise Land. Nowhere in any of the chapters did I see where Joshua complained about being the assistant or not being able to do more. In fact, it seems like Joshua was humbled to do what he was called to do. Numerous times we see in the scriptures, where it says the Israelites complained, but I believe God chose Joshua maybe because he kept a humble heart. He fought in the battle not knowing what would come of it or if he would live or die. He had to trust God and the leadership of Moses.

There is always a period of time that comes before the Promise land, and that is called ‘The Wilderness.’ It is the season we go through that is challenging and unknown and dirty. It feels like nothing good will ever happen and obscurity will always become us. But just like Joshua, in order for us to be prepared, we need this time period. We need this time to serve and learn and be pruned for what’s ahead. I think sometimes we are given the wrong idea about our Promise Land as if it is some place filled with lilies and roses and everything will come easily with no effort. We think riches will come out of nowhere and success will fall into our laps. But the book of Joshua shows the opposite. The reason a preparation season is needed is because we are being prepared for the very things that will happen on a bigger level. While the Promise Land is flowing with milk and honey and it is vibrant, it will not come that easy. But we’ll talk about that later.

We also see Joshua in Numbers 13:6-9, where Joshua is one of two people who have to defend the promise of God against the negativity of the Israelites. God had finally brought them to the place they had waited to get to. This was the time! But they were afraid because of how fortified the city was and the giants that were dwelling there. However, Joshua believed the promises of God. He believed that they were well equipped to take the land that God had already told them they could have.

This should be our stance. There may be people in your life who think that you are incapable of taking the land God promised you. They try to make it look as though you can’t do what God has called you to do or the task at hand will be too hard for you. Maybe there are people who feel that you are not ready. But when God says it is time, there is no time to waste or listen to negativity. That is the time to trust and believe and speak what CAN be done through the power of God. Also, take into consideration that you may the Joshua in your family, or friend group or community. You may be the one who is full of hope and fire and faith, so much so that you are the one to lead. You are the one to do what no one else could do. You are the one God is calling to step forward. Take your place.

Think about this:

Have there been people in your life making you believe that the Promise Land will come easy to you? How do you feel knowing this is not the case?

Are you prepared to take the land God has called you to take? If not, pray and ask God to help you prepare.

Believe that you are well equipped and worthy to walk into the place God is sending you to.

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